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river gut tactics
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« on: September 06, 2018, 04:08:28 PM »

Ok this is a fishing tactics question and one that's bugging the hell out of me, How to fish a particular type water. Here's the situation, 40meter wide river, that has a gravel bar crossing it at 35degs to the bank, 3/4 the width of the river, over this bar the current is flowing from 10inchs to 2ft deep(mid river) behind the bar the channel is between 4-8ft deep. My questions are, with this type of water, are you best to fish it from the bank side, or from the gravel bar? If fishing from the bank side, how do you get you fly through the "fast water" coming over the bar, to the fish resting in the quiet water underneath in the channel running down behind the gravel bar?   So far my best guess is 8ft of t18, 8ft of 15lb mono to a 3/8oz bead head fly, with a 1/8oz split shot 30cm ahead of the fly. Am I doing this right?

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