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Author Topic: The Incredible Power of Skagit Lines  (Read 3483 times)
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Eugene-area steelhead guide Karl Mueller recently experienced the IMMENSE POWER of Skagit lines when he flipped his first-ever cast from the bow of his driftboat. "Is this how your supposed to do it?" he asked, as he chopped down with the rod. In an instant, the belly of his Compact Skagit shooting head caught his favorite spinning rod and ejected it into the Middle Fork. The rod/reel combo was never seen again.

"I guess that's what I get for trying something new!" the crusty Mueller decided. Sounds like he's gonna stick with his single handers for another season. Roll Eyes

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One time, I hooked my 90 pound lab under the tail with a blown D loop and lifted him clear of the boat.  He yelped and look at my like I was an idiot.   Skagit lines are very powerful and dangerous in the hands of the unskilled.   



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