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My Comments to the ODFW Commissioners---Oregon Coast Multi Species Plan
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Author Topic: My Comments to the ODFW Commissioners---Oregon Coast Multi Species Plan  (Read 4302 times)
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« on: January 15, 2014, 03:49:38 PM »

The plan is open for public debate.  Here are my thoughts:

Dear Commissioners,

I won't be able to make the meeting in Salem Thursday evening.  Please consider my comments on the proposed Multi Species Coastal Management Plan.

Considering the latest NFS analysis by three independent scientists, which parallels my beliefs that ODFW is throwing wild steelhead under the bus on the Trask and Nestucca Rivers, I cannot support the Coastal Management Plan, as is.

---I suggest that ODFW delay adoption of this plan and assess the science available to them regarding impacts on wild stocks from wild broodstock programs.  (Michael Blouin and Mark Christie's research on the Hood River specifically)
---I suggest ODFW assess impacts on the Nestuccca wild winter steelhead since the implementation of the WB program.  Those impacts have not been assessed to date.  The impacts of removing 75 adults from the population has been assessed, but the overall impacts of the current Wild Broodstock Programs on existing wild stocks, has not.
---I suggest ODFW replicate the DNA research conducted by Blouin and Christie (OSU) on both the Trask and Nestucca Rivers to determine a benchmark of wild steelhead stock health prior to adopting any plan calling for an increase in hatchery production.
---I suggest that ODFW consider their own data that wild steelhead in the respective management units are trending downward and that any plan adopted be focused on changing that trend by reducing hatchery stock introgression and competition impacts on existing wild stocks.   Adding hatchery summer steelhead to the Trask and Nestucca is not reducing risk.  (ref. Karen Kostow)

Please note that ODFW is not following the NOAA recommendations found in the 1997 technical brief following the Petition to List submitted by ONRC in 1994 and that the proposed CMP is out of compliance with the Oregon's Native Fish Conservation Policy in that the plan does not guarantee wild stock sustainability, due to the potential impacts  associated with hatchery programs. 

I understand the need to maintain angling opportunity for the sportsmen and women of Oregon.  I do not understand sacrificing the best remaining North Oregon Coast wild steelhead populations in the process.

Jeff Mishler
New Water Media, LLC
Producer/Director--Skagit Master DVD series

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