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1  It Wiggles with Pokey Parts / It Wiggles with Pokey Parts / Re: mini intruders on: February 09, 2017, 04:02:53 PM
Mini and micro"intruders", how small do you want? Really your only limited by you imagination, and hook size. I regularly fish small streams from tiny creeks, to streams 4/5 meters wide, and use to fish a lot of down and across wetflys, soft hackles, and emerger patterns. So upon my discovery of intruders, a whole new world of possible patterns became a possibility. How small? The smallest I've made was an intruder style fly 12mm long, with a size 16 stinger hook. But i found the most practical to be tied on a size 10 long shank nymph hook (14mm shank) with a wide gape or octopus stinger of a size 10, on a fire line stinger loop of 10lb. If i can ever work out how to post a picture from my phone, or i can email to someone who can post them up for me I'll add to this thread. Otherwise have a look on the OPST Facebook page at the post on mini intruders, in the comments i posted a couple of pictures.
2  Skagit Master / Skagit Master / Re: Hello from Middle Earth on: February 04, 2017, 03:25:36 AM
Nothing like you guys get over there, it use to be in the order of 5/6000ish returning to our Rakaia river, but this has drop markedly in recent years for reasons stated previously. My home stream, the Kaiapoi river(which has a hatchery at its source in days gone by used to get 5-600 returning, last years count was 125-140/150, but this season is looking good with one river, the Hurunui, having some good catches already, time will tell.
On a brighter note, got for an early start this morning, with the Waimakariri river fishable after 2wks of flood flows, i had my first solid hit, the Hardy had a beautiful big bend only to pull the hook, but i got three shiny scales a memento  Roll Eyes I took the advice given and increased my overhang, i found 1 1/2ft had a big improvement, but my technique no needs a bit of work, it messed up my casting stroke, but i stuck at it and had it "sorted" by the time the sun had forced me off the river, 23dgC by 9am, and it got to 32dgCby midday, Gotta love a fhurn wind  Tongue hitting the same stretch tomorrow morning an hour before daylight, hopefully my chartreuse/white/lumo will work again  Smiley
3  Skagit Master / Skagit Master / Re: Hello from Middle Earth on: February 02, 2017, 03:39:05 PM
Thankyou Jeff, will give that a go, and having read that, it reminded me of something Tim Rajeffe said when he was over here recently giving talks at local tackle shops and casting demonstration, will try increasing over hang  Roll Eyes.  On the topic of our king run, early fish show up around mid November, but you have normally to wait till now before you get proper runs, and the main run being march-April, with some years fish running in may but most fish by then are well ripe. Unfortunately due to the recent expansion of dairying, and increase extraction of ground water, the last few years has seen low flows, warm rivers, low oxygen levels, this has had a major effect on the runs, pushing them back by a month or so, and reducing the the success of costal stream fish spawning. And on a sad knot, one river that has an irrigation out take has admitted that for the last 9years its screen to stop smolts been sucked into it has been an abject failure, this river may be in collapse, the fish certainly is  Cry, Our nation as a whole is currently at logger heads with DIRTY DAIRYING, if anyone over fighting for salmon will know, the environment is losing to big business! But enough ranting, there's fish to catch, i believe most of our fish are Columbia river stock, average 8-15lb, with a scattered 18-24lb in the mix, my pb being  27 1/4lb, the current NZ record being just over 50lb, but have not heard of anything over 40 in the last few decades. Most if not all salmon fishing here is done with spin tackle as all baitfishing is prohibited except for one river, that's tidal, and has a hatchery at the top of it. Limited to 2 fish per angler per day(20yrs ago it was 4) but most people would be happy to catch one, so my goal of a king on the fly may take me some time, but hey I'm up for it  Grin
4  Skagit Master / Skagit Master / Hello from Middle Earth on: February 02, 2017, 01:42:58 AM
Thankyou to the Admin, Hello from New Zealand, Now down the knitty gritty, with the start of the NZ King salmon run, I've set my the goal of catching a King on the fly, I've read watched and rewatched as much as i could, purchased some essential items, rod, reel line etc. Then set about getting a good friend to give me some lessons, to my surprise after a half a day he told me i didn't need him showing how to cast, i was out reaching him Undecided so with 3months chasing bows and browns I'm now just waiting for that first grab and load up Wink So, i have a bit of a tech question, I'm on occasion still blowing my anchor and assume its my setup in which I'm missing something, so can someone help me with my concern, my current set is as follows
15ft Hardy deluxe Spey, Rio Skagit max short 700grn, Airflo ridge running line, i have a full set of Rio Mows in Hvy , 12ft T14, and about to purchase some T14 to make a couple of15ft tips, now i run a 3-6ft leader of 15lb maxima ultragreen. So do i needd to adjust my rig, or is i more casting techniques i need to work on? Help please  Huh
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