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Steelhead Camp => Steelhead Camp => Topic started by: mkskagit on February 18, 2013, 07:43:44 PM

Title: Shin buster
Post by: mkskagit on February 18, 2013, 07:43:44 PM
I bashed my shin the other day stepping into a dumpster.  Foot slipped on the lip and with a big, dirty piece of sheet-rock on my shoulder I bashed the shit out of my shin.  Cut open, shins all bumpy and sore, constant reminder.  I toughed it out though, there were fellow co-workers there, had to suck it up and toss the debris off my back.  With the look of an old time sheriff taking a blast of whiskey at the bar in front of hooligans, I looked at my co-workers and said nothing, truly bad-ass.  Actually, that’s not true, I swore a little and muttered something about the dumpster being a racist or something.  Hurt man.

As I walked back to get more debris another thing happened, the act of bashing the heck out of my shin brought me back to the North Umpqua, and the countless times I have done it on this slippery river.  The wading in this river and on its ledges is hard to describe, and if you have never fished it you probably doubt the rumors.

Once I start thinking of the NU I become so lost in the thought of this place and chasing the fish that swim in it.  I am walking down the trail in the dark, stumbling over roots, staring through the trees at the sun peeking over the canyon, and a flood of other sights and smells I associate with this place.  The tornado of memories is overwhelming, and in an instant it all stops on one singular moment.

I am staring eye to eye with a 30 plus inch steelhead who erupted 3 feet out of the water and onto my dry fly.  Things move slowly, eye to eye contact with a wild steelhead is mesmerizing, you kind of want to start reciting poetry to them, it is a very powerful moment.  What seems like ages is only a split second, and this fish that charged at you only to lock you in a stare is now disappearing into the darkness at the edge of the ledge, drag screaming.  The fish appears again 4 feet out of the water right in front of you, then again, over and over.

Then the moment comes when the fish lets you in

Title: Re: Shin buster
Post by: natek on February 20, 2013, 11:19:10 AM
Only one cure for the shin bash.
Sshh,  aaahhhhh,  ssshhhh,  aaaaaaahhhh...
Repeat as required

Title: Re: Shin buster
Post by: mkskagit on February 20, 2013, 05:02:05 PM
Brother!! haha

Title: Re: Shin buster
Post by: Rick J on April 14, 2013, 06:12:57 PM
I did one better - last January on the Eel River fishing with 2 good friends, one who just took up the 2-handed game was upsteam a couple of hundred yards and hooked his first winter steelhead on a 2-hander - I would have heard the yell 3 miles downstream!!!

So what did I do? Like all good friends I started running up the bank grabbing for my camera while in the back of my mind I could hear -"NOT SMART"

So on a boulder field I did a face plant!!! My chin hit solidly on a rock - shattered my two upper front teeth and put them through my lower lip. I lay there for about 30 seconds accessing the damage - rod and camera unscathed so got up and proceeded to get photos of his fish though blood everywhere on my camera, gear bag and clothes!!!

I told them to continue fishing but they got me back to my car and I drove into Garberville emergency services and had 6 stitches on the outside and 9 on the inside. If I could have found a banjo I am sure I could have got a part in the remake of Deliverance!!!!

Couple of days later got in to see my dentist and figure around $7000 of dental work including two root canals and had to have a back tooth that also cracked pulled and need to get an implant!

needless to say ino longer run on rocks!!!